Predator v Alien 3

Screen Shot 2011-10-20 at 22.35.00

Screen Shot 2011-10-20 at 22.35.00

So they popped poor, bloated, fascist-moustachioed, Al Bla’ira gadfly Gaddafi in the end. Of course they did. They couldn’t risk any further unpleasant connections with Western Regimes being exposed in a trial. It/he was well executed too. A Predator drone blasted his convoy as it tried to head for the hills, and then crazed gunmen finished him off. Not unlike the demise of Saddam Hussein, whose penultimate hole in the ground was located by drone. Reactions to both ‘demises’, and ‘that of Osama bin Laden’ (use of quotes follows the current media vogue for distancing reportage from the plasticity of ‘facts’) by the US Secretary of State were broadcast ‘live’.

Am I saying it’s all scripted? Am I asking why now – why didn’t the drone pop Gaddafi before now?

Of course not.