Rise of the Planets of the Ape

I had just sat down and was about to blast something about the far from entirely unworthy hollywood romp,

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Rise of the Planets of the Ape

Rise of the Planet of the Apes – something obvious about the movie’s resonance with the London riots, Guantanamo Bay, the Story of the Black Man, the post-urban call to the Wild Man within us to Rise up and shed the shackles of Civilisation, the lack of feminine archetype (or female apes) beyond Frieda Pinto’s White Teethed admonitions that “some things aren’t meant to be changed”, the Lizard lip service in naming the ape hero Caesar, and the reminder in the opening sting that 21st Century Fox is a NewsCorp company – when I realised I had mistyped the caption to the cut’n’pasted image as “Rise of the Planets of the Ape”.

And as we have just leftthe toughest period of Mercury Retrograde yet, we have to take this slip of the keys as small but genuine logoidal recombinant. The devil’s in the details. What it brings to mind immediately is the trailer that preceded the simian allegory – another loaded Hollywood romp titled “Another Earth”.

Another Earth Official Poster

Another Earth Official Poster

Note the clever typography. Conspiracists will at once read both films as announcement of the imminent arrival of Planet Nibiru. More accomplished Lizardists will, after some reflection, be vertiginous with all the ironic spin, counterspin and n-tuple-think involved. Confused? You’re supposed to be. Not confused? Well, get with the programme. Rapidly recapitulating:

1. The Lizards aka Anunakin aka the Elohim aka the Genetic Engineers of Humanity are due shortly back in the Solar system, as prophesied, albeit obscurely, by texts as diverse as Mayan and Sumerian Codices and Tintin Flight 714.

2. Their Return is the same event as the Rapture and Apocalyspe – obvious if we go with the esoteric doctrine that Jesus Christ is the Solar Deity: twelve disciples, twelve constellations, Babylonian arch-device of uniting space and small/degenerate time via dividing the sun dial into twelve segments.

3. They return via a planet-mothership (Nibiru, Elenin, Another Earth), whose oddly elongated orbit means it flings round through the Solar System every 5125 (Mayan Long Count) years.

4. Degenerate, Earthbound Lizards – Blair, Brown, Cameron, Condoleezza Rice, the Clintons etc – have been plotting and planning for this Event ever since Day Zero (if you buy their priesthoodwinkery, Genesis Day One, if not Ground Zero).

5. And they’ve been doing all this – 911, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Sarah Palin and massive runs on the gold market – in order to be the Chosen Ones to be beamed up by the True Lizards – the ones aboard the Mothership.

6. Gold is the sacred (and profane/seminal) emanation/secretion of the Solar Deity, ergo Royal Hunt of the Sun, vanishment of the Federal Reserves from the World Trade Centre Complex prior to the Televised Revolution, Fred Goodwin, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Swiss tax havens and all the rest – perhaps most clearly if crassly expressed in the 2009 movie 2012 (“Who will be left behind?”)

7. All will be revealed in the Revelation (Apo-calypse), but not before some serious Piscean death flips of duality. Fair is foul and foul is fair. The Qu’ran says (Sura 86, At Tariq, The Night Star), “They are making a Plan. But let them tarry awhile, For I am also making a Plan.”

In other words then, when False apes Truth, Evil apes Good, Darkness apes Light, Man apes Woman and Woman apes Man and Ape apes both, it is Impossible to Tell. We must proceed through the illusions one by one unto that Final Disillusionment, after which, and only after which, we will know. Except that, that which we will know is of course, Unknowable. Not by we, at least.

In other words then, we will Know. But it will not be us that Finally Knows. Knowing, we will be Something Else.