initiatix_01: Fair is foul, foul is fair

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The three crones from the margins of Macbeth’s world knew what they were talking about. Nietzsche caused himself a fair amount of toil and trouble when he turned certain ideas – doubt versus faith for starters – on their head and shook to see what fell out. In his time he was the Antichrist. In the end he fell out of his own cracked head. What cracked it? The Truth.

We will try it here: ding ourselves against the Truth and see what falls out. If anything goes in.

We are of course cracked from the start. If you’re looking for polyfilla epithets look elsewhere. Here we will be mucking about with philosophical inversions and perversions, toying with the edges of the veil, worrying holes in it and peeping through. This is neither a Shakespeare nor a Nietzsche blog. Nothing so refined. We will be crawling around all over the place, scraping ourselves on shamanism, shinto, taoism, astrology, mythology, neurology, psychology, time, God, Devil, faith, doubt, life, death, sex and perhaps even love. We will look at things upside down, chewing on strange-tasting ideas, and if all goes well find ourselves satisfyingly unable to “thus spake” anything.

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