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Naming the Earth Demons

BP are hoping that everyone has forgotten about the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year, and are quietly putting in place plans to drill in the deep waters off of the west of Shetland, risking an even bigger disaster.

[Greenpeace 12 October 2011]

BP faced fresh condemnation from environmentalists on Thursday after it got the go-ahead to invest £4bn to develop one of the North Sea’s largest oilfields off Shetland.

[Guardian 13 October 2011]

What can possibly be going through Dave Cameron’s domed head when he signs of BP’s latest application to destroy the Atlantic? How does he weigh these matters up? On the one hand, a thousand or so new jobs. On the other, high risk of outright destruction of the Atlantic Ocean, with all the job and livelihood losses that implies (apart from anything else).

Extracts of BP’s own risk assessment document are posted on the Greenpeace site. The document is of course a masterwork of ‘scientific’ assimilation. Graphs and tables and various axioms of oceanography are displayed, and risks summed in statements like “Oil spills may also have a direct impact on the amenity value of the coastline.”

And now we have a clue to what is going through Cameron’s domed head: The fact that this document covers these risks is enough. 

It is a curious inversion of the business of naming the demons. Their power is annulled as soon as they are named. Naming the demons is a basic (and very useful) technique of Buddhist meditation. By noticing the various distractions (demons) as they arrive – sore knee, thinking about tomorrow, thinking about dinner, about sex – we dissimilate from them. We gradually cease to identify with the distracting thoughts, and increasingly identify with that which meditates.

Lizards are doing exactly the same thing, just in an uproariously inverted manner. Cameron is able to dissimilate from Florida, from scenes of oceans covered in dead birds and fish, from black sands, from the enormous WRITING ON THE WALL…simply because the BP ‘scientists’ have named the demons. Cameron can roll the dice, approve the drilling, announce thousands of new jobs, collect serious dollar, move on six places.




The real threat to Our Way of Life: Al Bla’ira

Al Bla'ir in action

Al Bla'ira in action

Our man in the Middle East is once again in the limelight. (He is of course not our man; it remains to be seen whether he is his own man.)  He remains though, a favourite subject, touching in us perhaps the same sort of horror-admiration we might experience at the antics of some dangerous animal. The Rex Features photograph the Guardian have gone with (shown here on the right) is a good one, showing a certain telltale crystalline hardness of the left eye. We will, I suspect, be seeing rather more of that.

But let us not become mesmerised just yet.

The Guardian article is officially about the resignation of one Mark Labovitch from Blair’s Firerush Ventures, an organisation which “gives its address as a PO box in West London” and was first mentioned by the Guardian as a source of mystery in 2009. Far from being the sort of earnestly transparent, hand on heart, God-fearing business vehicle one might well expect from the man that did the right thing on Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and is apparently tired of apologising for simply doing what he felt was right, Firerush, like Windrush, its parallel vehicle, is like something out of a William Gibson novel.

So what? 

Is this not how it goes these days? You do your bit in politics and the prize is, at top level, a multi-million pound business empire like Al Bla’ira’s, complete with regular appearances at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, “one of the most expensive resorts in the world.” (At lower level, you’re still working the expenses and second homes stuff like former Al Bla’ira girl turned women’s rights campaigner, the Rt. Hon. Harriet Harman MP.) It really is a simple matter of typing names into Google and it’s all there. Loads and loads of it. So much so that one might indeed think, well, so what? It’s the way it goes these days.

We might cough, if not exactly choke, chewing over news of Al Bla’ira’s lucrative deal with the Israelis, allowing Kuwaiti mobile phone company Wataniya to launch a network in Gaza. We might remember, as we explore its curious flavour, that someone called Tony Blair was once the British Prime Minister who did the right thing invading Iraq, was advised on Middle Eastern affairs by the colourful, multiply arrested Lord Levy, went on to become Middle East Peace Envoy and later, spokesperson for the Quartet appointed to oversee diplomatic relations in the Middle East. We might wonder why the Middle East Peace Envoy would say, “You cannot rule out the use of military force against Iran if they continue to develop nuclear weapons.” Or why the Quartet Representative would condemn as ‘deeply confrontational’ the Palestinian request of the United Nations to recognise an independent Palestinian state. You might, as the curious flavour turns rankling and foul, start to wonder if, while it is quite simply and frankly how it goes these days, you’re just gonna swallow it anyway.

This is where it gets interesting

Blair was elected into power by popular vote. In that distant era, people genuinely believed in him. Extraordinarily, people continue to believe in him – and Brown and Harman and Cameron and even Mandelson – to this day. I don’t believe (in) Tony Blair.

But I do believe in Al Bla’ira. Here is a baseless (“PO Box in West London”) and secret global network, linked by a powerful religion in which it’s followers believe “because they believe it compels them to believe in it.” Here is an organisation evidently opposed to our way of life – “openness, democracy, freedom and the rule of law.”

How do they get away with it?

What is happening now in the world at large is an ordering, a separation of light from dark, of that which ascends from that which descends. This is always happening, has always been happening. If you like, we can avoid any ring of prophecy and the like and say simply say that this separation process is currently particularly noticeable. Ironically, the hallmark of this fundamental separation is its exact opposite – mixing, concealment, masquerade – which is exactly the mission of Al Bla’ira. Here indeed is an organisation of darkness masquerading as the light.

In idle moments when I have other more pressing and probably more boring things to do, I try to imagine what goes on inside the mind of Al Bla’ira’s shadowy leader. Does he really genuinely believe he is doing the right thing? From our point of view he is possessed by dark forces, which keep him from the light, perhaps as a crack addict or paedophile is kept from the light. Or is he fully cognizant of the great damage he is wreaking upon human values in being a Peace Envoy that rattles the sabre? If he is, then is he able to do it because he truly believes there are no consequences? He is in this case literally godless, on a far grander scale but not unlike the unfortunate Reece Donovan, sent down recently for pretending to help the broken-jawed Malaysian student in riots in Barking, East London, while really stealing from him.

Al Bla’ira is playing havoc with our ethics on a far grander scale. Indeed, it is a threat to Our Way of Life. Thus far, its behaviour seems to demon-strate that there are no consequences. Crime pays. And the bigger the crime, the bigger the pay. But they get away with it because, ultimately, we still sort of want them to…

I am making two arguments here.

1. Outer reflecting Inner. It will only be when we each examine our own shadow, our own dark masquerading as light, that this diabolism will cease in the world at large.

2. One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them. Al Bla’ira is doing the Devil’s work, which is simply the binding together of That Which Must Descend.

Which is not to say, do nothing. But nor is it for me to say what to do other than, whatever it is, you enquire ruthlessly, brutally, as to whether it is dark masquerading as light.

Assuming, of course, you’d rather go up than down…

Rise of the Planets of the Ape

I had just sat down and was about to blast something about the far from entirely unworthy hollywood romp,

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Rise of the Planets of the Ape

Rise of the Planet of the Apes – something obvious about the movie’s resonance with the London riots, Guantanamo Bay, the Story of the Black Man, the post-urban call to the Wild Man within us to Rise up and shed the shackles of Civilisation, the lack of feminine archetype (or female apes) beyond Frieda Pinto’s White Teethed admonitions that “some things aren’t meant to be changed”, the Lizard lip service in naming the ape hero Caesar, and the reminder in the opening sting that 21st Century Fox is a NewsCorp company – when I realised I had mistyped the caption to the cut’n’pasted image as “Rise of the Planets of the Ape”.

And as we have just leftthe toughest period of Mercury Retrograde yet, we have to take this slip of the keys as small but genuine logoidal recombinant. The devil’s in the details. What it brings to mind immediately is the trailer that preceded the simian allegory – another loaded Hollywood romp titled “Another Earth”.

Another Earth Official Poster

Another Earth Official Poster

Note the clever typography. Conspiracists will at once read both films as announcement of the imminent arrival of Planet Nibiru. More accomplished Lizardists will, after some reflection, be vertiginous with all the ironic spin, counterspin and n-tuple-think involved. Confused? You’re supposed to be. Not confused? Well, get with the programme. Rapidly recapitulating:

1. The Lizards aka Anunakin aka the Elohim aka the Genetic Engineers of Humanity are due shortly back in the Solar system, as prophesied, albeit obscurely, by texts as diverse as Mayan and Sumerian Codices and Tintin Flight 714.

2. Their Return is the same event as the Rapture and Apocalyspe – obvious if we go with the esoteric doctrine that Jesus Christ is the Solar Deity: twelve disciples, twelve constellations, Babylonian arch-device of uniting space and small/degenerate time via dividing the sun dial into twelve segments.

3. They return via a planet-mothership (Nibiru, Elenin, Another Earth), whose oddly elongated orbit means it flings round through the Solar System every 5125 (Mayan Long Count) years.

4. Degenerate, Earthbound Lizards – Blair, Brown, Cameron, Condoleezza Rice, the Clintons etc – have been plotting and planning for this Event ever since Day Zero (if you buy their priesthoodwinkery, Genesis Day One, if not Ground Zero).

5. And they’ve been doing all this – 911, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Sarah Palin and massive runs on the gold market – in order to be the Chosen Ones to be beamed up by the True Lizards – the ones aboard the Mothership.

6. Gold is the sacred (and profane/seminal) emanation/secretion of the Solar Deity, ergo Royal Hunt of the Sun, vanishment of the Federal Reserves from the World Trade Centre Complex prior to the Televised Revolution, Fred Goodwin, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Swiss tax havens and all the rest – perhaps most clearly if crassly expressed in the 2009 movie 2012 (“Who will be left behind?”)

7. All will be revealed in the Revelation (Apo-calypse), but not before some serious Piscean death flips of duality. Fair is foul and foul is fair. The Qu’ran says (Sura 86, At Tariq, The Night Star), “They are making a Plan. But let them tarry awhile, For I am also making a Plan.”

In other words then, when False apes Truth, Evil apes Good, Darkness apes Light, Man apes Woman and Woman apes Man and Ape apes both, it is Impossible to Tell. We must proceed through the illusions one by one unto that Final Disillusionment, after which, and only after which, we will know. Except that, that which we will know is of course, Unknowable. Not by we, at least.

In other words then, we will Know. But it will not be us that Finally Knows. Knowing, we will be Something Else.


The Special Relationship

Axis of pingpong

Axis of pingpong











Friday afternoon back in June the office erupted into excitement. From our window overlooking the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre we would be able to see the US President’s motorcade, and wonder what he thought, if anything, of the sights and sounds of the Old Kent Road. [Note, this is a couple months back, before the unrest, before the economic desperation either side of the Atlantic]. We couldn’t actually see the alien of course. Just ten sets of darkened windows followed at the back by several minibuses. I have no idea how the office at large knew he would be there at that precise moment. Government sector grapevine perhaps.

I want to say, I quite like Obama, but cannot because the words are totally meaningless. Do I like his face, his voice, his manner, the fact that he is brown and relatively young? We could leave it at such superficial, cult of celebrity level…like the Royal Wedding, nothing wrong with the occasional whiff of state glamour for keeping the fairytale alive. And of course the current face of United States Inc is telling the fairytale – along with that other cracking old legend about the bearded bloke in the cave – in order to be the face of “The New Era”.

Is this the new Leftish (no, not like the Clintons) way of referring to the New World Order? Note the sequence of Obama’s pre re-election campaign moves:

  • Israel: statement on return to pre-1967 borders
  • War on Terror: Bin Laden is dead (long live Bin Laden)
  • Ritual visit to the Queen of England.

Certainly the stuff of Lizard canon, each bullet a carefully machined doublethink dumdum crafted for maximum – or is it minimum? – logoidal impact. Netanyahu could say any number of things. From “fuck off” to “what about Guantanamo”. (He went for the former.) Whether Bin Laden is dead, alive, undead, was ever alive, is one of many logoidal fragments (we can no longer say ‘facts’) lost in the void of 911 – even now, ten years on, being buried under further layers of n-tuple-think like Suzanne Lofthus’ contemporary production at this year’s Edinburgh festival, in which she interweaves “first world war trenches, Auschwitz and New York in 2001.” Reportage of the visit to the Queen is dominated by a cock-up in ritual toast proceedings.

So what was this all about?

In short, just international power politics business as usual. In Lizard terms, gently shifting strategic stance from right foot (End Timer) to left – New Era, new beginnings. What’s the difference? None. Two sides of same coin really. I’m going to say it, I kinda like Obama.