The real threat to Our Way of Life: Al Bla’ira

Al Bla'ir in action

Al Bla'ira in action

Our man in the Middle East is once again in the limelight. (He is of course not our man; it remains to be seen whether he is his own man.)  He remains though, a favourite subject, touching in us perhaps the same sort of horror-admiration we might experience at the antics of some dangerous animal. The Rex Features photograph the Guardian have gone with (shown here on the right) is a good one, showing a certain telltale crystalline hardness of the left eye. We will, I suspect, be seeing rather more of that.

But let us not become mesmerised just yet.

The Guardian article is officially about the resignation of one Mark Labovitch from Blair’s Firerush Ventures, an organisation which “gives its address as a PO box in West London” and was first mentioned by the Guardian as a source of mystery in 2009. Far from being the sort of earnestly transparent, hand on heart, God-fearing business vehicle one might well expect from the man that did the right thing on Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and is apparently tired of apologising for simply doing what he felt was right, Firerush, like Windrush, its parallel vehicle, is like something out of a William Gibson novel.

So what? 

Is this not how it goes these days? You do your bit in politics and the prize is, at top level, a multi-million pound business empire like Al Bla’ira’s, complete with regular appearances at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, “one of the most expensive resorts in the world.” (At lower level, you’re still working the expenses and second homes stuff like former Al Bla’ira girl turned women’s rights campaigner, the Rt. Hon. Harriet Harman MP.) It really is a simple matter of typing names into Google and it’s all there. Loads and loads of it. So much so that one might indeed think, well, so what? It’s the way it goes these days.

We might cough, if not exactly choke, chewing over news of Al Bla’ira’s lucrative deal with the Israelis, allowing Kuwaiti mobile phone company Wataniya to launch a network in Gaza. We might remember, as we explore its curious flavour, that someone called Tony Blair was once the British Prime Minister who did the right thing invading Iraq, was advised on Middle Eastern affairs by the colourful, multiply arrested Lord Levy, went on to become Middle East Peace Envoy and later, spokesperson for the Quartet appointed to oversee diplomatic relations in the Middle East. We might wonder why the Middle East Peace Envoy would say, “You cannot rule out the use of military force against Iran if they continue to develop nuclear weapons.” Or why the Quartet Representative would condemn as ‘deeply confrontational’ the Palestinian request of the United Nations to recognise an independent Palestinian state. You might, as the curious flavour turns rankling and foul, start to wonder if, while it is quite simply and frankly how it goes these days, you’re just gonna swallow it anyway.

This is where it gets interesting

Blair was elected into power by popular vote. In that distant era, people genuinely believed in him. Extraordinarily, people continue to believe in him – and Brown and Harman and Cameron and even Mandelson – to this day. I don’t believe (in) Tony Blair.

But I do believe in Al Bla’ira. Here is a baseless (“PO Box in West London”) and secret global network, linked by a powerful religion in which it’s followers believe “because they believe it compels them to believe in it.” Here is an organisation evidently opposed to our way of life – “openness, democracy, freedom and the rule of law.”

How do they get away with it?

What is happening now in the world at large is an ordering, a separation of light from dark, of that which ascends from that which descends. This is always happening, has always been happening. If you like, we can avoid any ring of prophecy and the like and say simply say that this separation process is currently particularly noticeable. Ironically, the hallmark of this fundamental separation is its exact opposite – mixing, concealment, masquerade – which is exactly the mission of Al Bla’ira. Here indeed is an organisation of darkness masquerading as the light.

In idle moments when I have other more pressing and probably more boring things to do, I try to imagine what goes on inside the mind of Al Bla’ira’s shadowy leader. Does he really genuinely believe he is doing the right thing? From our point of view he is possessed by dark forces, which keep him from the light, perhaps as a crack addict or paedophile is kept from the light. Or is he fully cognizant of the great damage he is wreaking upon human values in being a Peace Envoy that rattles the sabre? If he is, then is he able to do it because he truly believes there are no consequences? He is in this case literally godless, on a far grander scale but not unlike the unfortunate Reece Donovan, sent down recently for pretending to help the broken-jawed Malaysian student in riots in Barking, East London, while really stealing from him.

Al Bla’ira is playing havoc with our ethics on a far grander scale. Indeed, it is a threat to Our Way of Life. Thus far, its behaviour seems to demon-strate that there are no consequences. Crime pays. And the bigger the crime, the bigger the pay. But they get away with it because, ultimately, we still sort of want them to…

I am making two arguments here.

1. Outer reflecting Inner. It will only be when we each examine our own shadow, our own dark masquerading as light, that this diabolism will cease in the world at large.

2. One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them. Al Bla’ira is doing the Devil’s work, which is simply the binding together of That Which Must Descend.

Which is not to say, do nothing. But nor is it for me to say what to do other than, whatever it is, you enquire ruthlessly, brutally, as to whether it is dark masquerading as light.

Assuming, of course, you’d rather go up than down…


End of the spermatozoic era

The campaign to toughen Britain’s abortion laws was losing momentum as Tory MPs on Friday backed a rival amendment and questions emerged about links to Christian counselling services that might benefit from the proposed reform.

Here if ever is an issue which will only be resolved by women restored to their proper power, i.e. with genuine transcendent intuition, able to understand issues such as these unclouded by – in this case – American Evangelical “Christianity” – in other words blokes exerting the same spermatozoic half-Nelson they have had women in for millennia. As Monty Python sang, “Every sperm is sacred…”

Is it not obvious, given the immensely complex, emotional and sometimes painful process of menstruation, that the human female egg is the thing that is sacred? Each woman carries within her a finite number of eggs, release over the course of her lifetime. Blokes on the other hand cook up millions of fresh sperm every time they glimpse a pair of boobs.

Precisely why, you will say, the fertilised egg is sacred. Women who abort are murderers, you will say. Life begins at conception. Perhaps! But this is post hoc moral high-grounding. The cock withdrawn, the cave door rolled shut and its contents left to resurrect. To be borne and born and suckled and nurtured by the woman.

If every sperm is sacred, then it is blokes who must respect the cock, this curious Y-chromosome viral add-on. A genetic graft contrived to compensate for the catastrophic schism between soul and matter. Almost everything we know about the world and our place in it comes from this dark aeon whose brightest spark to date is probably the iPhone – and I am not being wholly ironic here, this device has its part to play!

But for those able to cleanse themselves of the millennia of blokery, able to see the laughable triviality of the cock and ball story of it, its imminent obsolescence in the face of massive global overpopulation (yes, India and your moustachioed bloke-clones) there are other glimmers!

O woman, deep in your toils. Persist! And you will meet your Lady!

Dummies’ Guide to Temptation

Idiot's guide to temptation

Golden Thread extends from You to New You. Beware the Chance Encounter along the Way...

I was told a delightful story last night.

Many years ago a young woman went off to India in search of herself. After some months of travel and rest and adjustment and contemplation, she found herself heading north, and heading up into the mountains where the air is cooler, the grass greener.

Somewhere up in the foothills of the Himalayas she met an old man. His face was thousands of years old – absurd wisdom radiating out – and the body of child. His secret was readily apparent – the field of laden, aromatic plants nodding on the steep slope on which he squatted. Gathering some between his hands, he rubbed and showed her the result. She stayed for some days, squatting beside him on the slope and knowing.

A different knowing, she thought, from the pressing, urgent bursting of thought back in London – bustling along some roaring street in Brixton or Soho. ‘All the rubbish they put in it,’ said the old man. ‘Here we do not put.’

She looked at the old man with his cloth around his loins. The cracked faced woman and naked children at the corner of the field that might have been his family. A tear slipped down her cheek. She would return, she said. A little business would benefit everyone.

Some years later – years of roaring streets in Brixton and Soho – she returned to the Himalayas. Such was the progression of the world that the old man was now on Facebook, and arranging their meeting had been straightforward. He was expecting her. The elements had been kind, and the plants nodded more affirmatively than ever.

Sipping tea at a pleasant hill station more or less half way up to the old man’s field, a startlingly handsome man in a white shirt asked with tremendous politeness if he might sip his tea with her a moment or two. She smiled. He sat, shyly twiddling the ends of his thin moustache. Like her, he said, he was there for the mountain air. ‘Certain kinds of mountain air, in fact, are a great aid to the mind,’ he said. ‘Are you going much further up?’

‘Yes,’ she said. ‘To where the air is very clean.’

‘The road is dangerous, of course.’


‘It is very narrow up there. But there is no need to climb higher. In the right hands, the cleanest air can be brought down the foothills.’

‘Down here?’

‘Yes, madam no problem. Look.’ And he rubbed his hands and showed her. ‘Just the same, and because we are down here, where everything is a little easier, I can make a better offer.’ He made his offer. It was tempting.

‘Let me think about it.’ She licked her lips, trying to survey the handsome stranger in minute detail and at the same time afraid of doing so in case it insulted him. She was hardly your average, suspicious newby gori.

That night, on a cot in the hill station’s rickety guesthouse, she woke, sweating, from a dream in which she was busted and thrown in jail.

But after dahl and chapattis and two cups of fresh mountain coffee the night seemed like another world, of which memory was already dim. She was sitting on the verandah with her face to the sun when a shadow fell across her.

‘Good morning, madam.’ The handsome stranger sat down beside her. ‘Bad tidings from the higher mountain,’ he whispered. ‘They are stopping people. Very sad that you will not this time see the beauty of that place. Perhaps another time. But there is really no need for you to risk anything. I have everything here.’ He rubbed his hands and showed her and repeated his tempting offer. The thought of the dream broke her out in a sweat. He saw her anxiety, became anxious himself, peering at her with his moist, dark eyes. ‘You must trust me, madam. There is no need to climb higher.’ She thought of the empty track up to the old man’s field. Several days travel, every step clouded by the dream’s dark outcome.

‘Alright,’ she said. The handsome stranger was solemn. Things changed hands. She packed her bag carefully and came out onto the verandah again, expecting to wave the stranger goodbye. She did not see him. She was being naive: why would he hang around! Then she was glad to be out in the morning sun, heading downhill after a long time climbing.

They were waiting for her at the next hill station, twiddling their moustaches and trying not to smile. She tried to determine if these were the men from the dream, but she could not remember. It didn’t matter. Juddering on the hard seat of the Land Rover to the police station, all she could think was how simple it had been, how obvious.

Hysteria of Machismo

Preparing for a "shamanic healing" session

Preparing for a "shamanic healing" session, which will "cure" UK DJ Scott Mills of homosexuality

You might have seen the BBC3 programme “The Worst Place in the World to be Gay”, broadcast Valentine’s Day night. The programme can be viewed online until Wednesday 23 February 2011. The programme follows gay Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills to Uganda, where the death penalty may soon be introduced for being gay. Mills does a sterling job of not losing his rag face to face with a plethora of bigots and backwater thinkers, including the “shaman” shown in the picture above.

To me, a Westerner, native to the UK, which has seen huge progress in gay and lesbian rights in recent times – and let’s note, recent times – the fire and brimstone witch hunt hysteria of the Ugandan macho men and their animus-ridden women is of course abhorrent.  Particularly awful was the plight of one young lesbian woman. As a child she was observed playing with other girls in her own back garden by a neighbour, who proceeded to straighten her out by raping her. From this crash course in girl meets boy normalcy she became pregnant and HIV positive.

After visiting this unfortunate soul at a secret location, where she somehow carries on in perpetual fear, Mills went to see a witch doctor. The paraphernalia was immediately recognisable – clothing decked with shells and beads, the headband, the tobacco pipe and maraccas – at a quick glance it could have been the Amazon or Borneo.

Mixed feelings, shall we say, as I watched Mills treated in traditional manner – a limpia via the wetted feathers of a white chicken, water sprayed from the shaman’s mouth, water and fire passed around his body. The working assumption here: that Mills’ homosexuality would be removed from his body like any old mala energia. The fee is demanded up front – always a bad sign. And the shamanic diagnosis hinges on the idea – the unshakeable knowledge, as far as Ugandans are concerned – that homosexuality is learned, is an obsession, a perversion, a compulsion. We need not single out Uganda for its population of shaman charlatans, nor indeed for its institutionalised homophobia. At a quick glance, it could have been the Amazon or Borneo.

Mills only scratches the surface in tracing the source of this hatred. The two Great Books in circulation in Uganda crop up immediately. A group of school children outline the story of Sodom and Gomorra. They seem  puzzled, then saddened by Mills’ line of questioning, beginning to suspect that he might be one of these unfortunate, conflicted people. Mills is equally saddened by the children’s convictions. And depressed and frightened by the words of the pastor who convinced these children. It is wrong, unacceptable, inconceivable – one is impressed by his command of English – and then we’re into the timeless ‘arguments’ of penis, anus, and God’s intended function of these parts.

The main thing one senses from the Ugandans is fear.

And for this the pastors, imams and shamans alike are all responsible. Fear is control is power. Did we not see witch hunts very recently here in the UK over the whole paedophilia hysteria? Fear and sexuality together…A sexuality of fear for the macho men and their animus-ridden women, and a fear of sexuality for everyone else. Of everyone else.

But where did the pastors get their stuff from? Ironically, from those places where gay people now enjoy the most freedom: the US, the EU, the UK. And the imams? From the Saudi Wahabi-Salafi machine.

From God, they say. From God. It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

The Religious Objection to homosexuality is this:

  • God made Adam in His image
  • God made Eve from Adam’s spare rib
  • And said to them, Go forth and multiply!


If you have capacity to entertain conspiracy theories – if that is not already too dismissive a label for what are, much of the time, quite rational attempts to understand the gaping holes in official accounts of events like 911, or Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt – then you may have already followed these mercurial threads to what we’ll call the Ultimate Conspiracy.

Key to this staggering theory are the famous Sumerian stone tablets, some of which comprise codices encoding the very ancient legend of Ea, aka Enki, the First Ruler of the Earth, son of Anu, Ruler of another world altogether, called Nibiru. Part of this story is the story of “the Adamu”, a creature sought by the Anunakin (descendants/followers of Anu) in light of their Project on Planet Ea-rth. Consensus among Ultimate Conspiracists, is that the Anunakin (directly translatable into the Nephilim, “Fallen Ones” of the Old Testament) arrived on Earth to carry out a mission of some enormity. Their home world/planet Nibiru was/is in dire crisis due to Ozone layer completion, and to fix this they needed gold, which they knew existed in quantities in the Earth’s crust. To get it out, the Anunakin task force needed a technology, a labour force, and Ea’s answer to this was the Adamu, a genetic creation, possibly, speculate the conspiracists, derived from Neanderthal Man or other pre-frontal-lobe-superdevelopment Man by some manner of genetic engineering.

Hence, they say, the quantum evolutionary jump to homo sapiens; hence Cortes’ extraction of gold on behalf of the King of Spain and the Pope from the coffers of Atahualpa; hence the disappearance of federal gold reserves from the World Trade Centre complex the night before 911, hence the invasion of Iraq; hence the ongoing shafting of the 99.9% of humanity by the 0.1%-and-shrinking lot secured in the billion-dollars-a-seat summit of the pyramid astral vehicle. They are, say the conspiracists, amassing the world’s wealth and lying in wait for Nibiru, the comet-planet of the God-Ancestors. A version of all this forms the backdrop to Luc Besson’s brilliant 1997 film The Fifth Element. Another surfaced more recently, warped in the mirror of contemporary capitalism, in 2009’s 2012.

Ironies abound!

God made Man in His image.

While the People of the Book understand this in (actually shamanic, elemental) terms of divinely aerated dust, Ultimate Conspiracists reveal that the Books actually refer – once you reverse engineer the Almighty spin – to the Anunakin’s creation of the Adamu clone subspecies. The Anunakin, we should note, are masters not only of interplanetary or interdimensional travel, but of genetics. We will see in a later article how to transcend all three super dimensions – time, space and genetics, in order to enter what the neo-Vernadskyist and neo-Mayanist Jose Arguelles would call the noosphere, what Carlos Castaneda called the Nagual, what we might commonly call the Spirit Realm, or even, the Heavens, or, of course, The Matrix.

The most (in)famous Ultimate Conspiracist is the late Zecharia Sitchin. By way of providing a quick overview of his work, try this, a screen grab of image Google results on the term ‘Sitchin’:

Google Images results for 'Sitchin'

Google Images results for 'Sitchin'

…work that is, needless to say (viz initiatix_02: sink or swim) in polar opposition to the Sumerian-studies mainstream. The differences, on the mainstream side at least, seem to hinge on Akkadian and Sumerian grammatical analyses of e.g. whether Elohim always means “gods” or whether it can also mean “God”. See e.g. for dogged counter-conspiracist arguments. You will quickly decide, I think, that enormous effort will be required to arrive at your own conclusions about the syntax and semantics and mythic references of ancient Sumerian.

Sumerian tablet from the 26th Century

Sumerian tablet from the 26th Century

Ultimate Conspiracist Michael Tellinger attempts reconciliation in his Slave Species of God thesis by distinguishing God and god – the latter being, once priestly spin has been reverse-engineered, not Ea/Enki, but his ‘Dark Twin’ Enlil, who had it in for the hapless clone species (us) from the start.

Alert readers will note that we have here another Dualistic forerunner of Good and Evil, God and Satan, Christ and Antichrist…

Initiatically we imagine – along with logoidal manipulation of priestly elites across the ages – ironic reversal upon reversal – Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair – Yin-Yang fish flipping over and over…about which, ultimately, we can say nought beyond the fact that they flip.

But the Theme of the Dark Twin is enormously important, and we will return to it in detail in the initiatix series, in the context of Shinto legend, where Ea has become Amateru, the Solar Deity, and his Dark Brother, Susa-no Wo, the “Banished One”, the anti-Sun.   For now, anticipating ironic transcendence, we simply observe that both Book and Ultimate Conspiracy stories exist.

Inversion of the original point – God made Man – produces not “God made woman”, which is a only a partial inversion, but

  • Woman made God.

And if you want to be really strict and also invert ‘made’, then

  • Woman destroyed God.

God made Eve from Adam’s spare rib

The refrain of Cesar Calvo’s marvellous and highly initiatic novel The Three Halves of Ino Moxo is “The first man on Earth was a woman.” Which navigates the obvious patriarchal fallacy that man came first, with attendant uterusless squirming of ‘from his spare rib’. According to Wikipedia:
The number of ribs was noted by the Flemish anatomist Vesalius in his key work of anatomy De humani corporis fabrica in 1543, setting off a wave of controversy, as it was traditionally assumed from the Biblical story of Adam and Eve that men’s ribs would number one fewer than women’s.[1] Variations in the number of ribs occur. About 1 in 200-500 people have an additional cervical rib, and there is a female predominance.[2]
In Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy, Eliade describes the classic shamanic rite/episode of psychic dismemberment. The would-be shaman is dissected by a spirit guardian, who picks methodically through his separated bones for ‘a certain one’. Without this bone, the person cannot be fully initiated as a shaman. Could this magic bone be the 1 in 200-500 extra rib? Take the extra rib’s extreme significance via the Adam and Eve story, and combine with Carlos Castaneda’s deep esoteric stuff about the energetic gender-bending of the arch-sorcerer known as The Tenant in the Art of Dreaming and it becomes a highly tempting idea.
But we must return somehow to Ugandan attitudes to homosexuality, and we seem to have swung, like Nibiru on its 3600 year elliptical orbit, a long way out from that. We return…
Inverting the original point produces
  • God made Adam from Eve’s spare rib

Which, given the preceding inversion, we might receive as

  • Woman made Adam from Eve’s spare rib

or more straightforwardly

  • Woman made Adam from her own spare rib

or more Ultimate Conspiratorially

  • The Anunakim cloned the Adamu from Eve’s spare rib.

With this last one begging the question of why they had to clone from a spare rib rather than a lock of hair or something. Indeed, this question throws the spotlight on ‘clone’…With eyes on Eliade, Castaneda, Sitchin and Tellinger and the Books all at the same time we might very well arrive at the idea that the Anunakin did not need titration funnels and arrays of test tubes and so on to work their genetic magic. Rather, they worked in the same vein as the classic shamanic psychic operation. Indeed – who are the spirit guardians that traditionally carry out these operations?

And said to them, Go forth and multiply!

And our Faithful Ugandans tend to see homosexuality as the inversion of this original mandate. Likewise pretty much every Theistic religion’s mandate against contraception. Yes we have gone forth and multiplied and look at the ecological impact! We note that the oldest known human remains are African and female – those of Genetic Eve.

Olmec head

Olmec head

Tellinger uses the argument that Olmec (ancient, pre-Aztec Mexico, c 1500 BC) stone heads depict African features and astronautical headgear, and the fact that Africa is rich in gold, silver, tin, diamond and other minerals, to generate the theory that Negroid Homo Sapiens were, if not the first then among the first, generation of Anunakin clones. The astronaut helmets, he offers, may in fact double as mining helmets: these creatures were created to mine the earth for precious metals to return to their masters on Nibiru.

The resonances of this – the historic enslavement of Africans, the continued existence of organisations like de Beers – are many and thought provoking.

What I want to say here – and this is controversial and worst of all risks alignment with Francis Crick’s ludicrous ‘idea’ that Africans are less intelligent than other human beings – is that we have here the barest, most half-baked germ of a clue to African attitudes to human fundamentals like the gay-straight issue.

If the African genome was the first – whether you go with Ultimate Conspiracy or Genetic Eve scientific fact – might it not follow that Africans are closer to the Multiply mandate and therefore more passionately against homosexuality. You will throw the Book at me, of course, and remind me that it is largely from US evangelical Christians that Africans have learned their hellfire attitudes towards the bumhole. (One wonders about attitudes to heterosexual anal sex.) But the ironic-transcendent position on this nurture versus nature retort is that it is not without genetic – perhaps “paleo-genetic” is more accurate – reason that Africa has been so influenced by the Book. We might go as far as to say that Africans, echoing their distant past as first generation slave subspecies, have more obedience built in.

And here we pitch ourselves – gay or straight – I ask you to look unflinchingly and honestly within yourself and I guarantee it is there – into the question of whether, given all of the above, they are right – homosexuality is wrong in as far as it as against the original Multiply mandate.

Please note, I am not now stating, after all this ironic transcendent madness, that homosexuality is ‘wrong’.

Symmetry Of Homosexual Brain Resembles That Of Opposite Sex, Swedish Study Finds

Symmetry Of Homosexual Brain Resembles That Of Opposite Sex, Swedish Study Finds

I am only looking at the other side of the argument, as we always must if we are to proceed. We need not, thanks to modern neuro-imaging, entertain the idea that homosexuality – even if it is not innate – is something that can be ‘righted’ psychologically. The image on the right shows amygdalae firing in the brains of hetero and homo man and woman – demonstrating how the homo pattern of either sex closely resembles the hetero pattern of the opposite sex. We’re back at nature versus nurture again, and in this case – sexual arousal – it may or may not be possible to parade sexy men and women (or children?) in front of babies in brain scanners.

But let us conclude!

Theistic Creation tells us that God made Man. We have inverted this in various ways, touching more initiatic thinking, to arrive at God made Woman and then Man, or, more strongly  God-Woman made Man.

(It sounds ridiculous to say it, because what we are talking about here is enormously mysterious and wondrous, but:) No wonder then, that there is a crisis of Manliness. A hysteria and a hysteresis. Manliness asserted by the shove of a cock, the fertilization of eggs. The catastrophic myth of man-milk, from those distant moments when first-gen frankensteins romped among transcendent-transexual fallen angels to the Chaotic present, when enactment of the Commandment to Multiply effects the transmission of HIV.

But this is surely an entirely animalistic version of events!

Are we not talking ourselves into the hands of the Beast?

“Answers” to be found in the forthcoming initiatix_06…
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initiatix_05: The Tama-no Wo

Preliminaries – initiatix_04: Shin-To, the New Tao.

We are at the Heavenly Court, listening to the Solar Deity, Amateru, explain how the eight sons of the Primordial Ancestor Amemiwoya, To, Ho, Ka, Mi, Ye, Hi, Ta and Me, aka the Kunitsatsuchi, aka the Amoto Deities descend from Above, forming the axes of an eight dimensional Logosphere. Rising to meet them from Below are the eight Anare Deities. At this most basic level, then, we have a rather simple and regular cosmovision.

The cosmos resembles a craggy mountain in form. It embraces the sun, moon and earth like a womb contains a foetus. The stars that shine in the night sky are like speckles seen through a baby’s placenta. And in the eternity on the far side of the universe, eight-coloured eight-fold banners stand at the eight extremities.

We note that 8×8 = 64, which is the number of hexagrams in the I-Ching divination system, but we are concerned here with the number 49.

In the realms of the cosmos, there are 49 divine positions, deities of creation who are also called ‘motoake’ (Deities of the First Light). At their centre sits Amemiwoya. Arranged at eight points around the Great Parent Deity, as if to assist him, are the eight Amoto deities (To-Ho-Ka-Mi-Ye-Hi-Ta-Me). Around them are arranged the eight Anare deities (A-I-Hu-He-Mo-Wo-Su-Si). Finally, in the furthest extremities are the remaining 32 deities, known as the Tamimemusubi.

We now encounter the Futomani Divination Chart, the hologram of this cosmovision.

"The Futomani Chart of Divination consists of a single deity at its centre, with inner, middle, and outer rings surrounding. Besides these, a total of 168,000 spirits serve the 49 deities."

Remember we are dealing with Logos here. Each deity is a sound, a phoneme, which can be represented by a letter in a phonetic alphabet. We shall meet the full 48 character plus one magical character Woshide (ancient script) alphabet of the Hotsuma-Tsutae, in due course.

But first I want to impress upon you the significance of these Descending and Ascending Deities of the First Light.

When we are born in human form, the seeds of humanity are sent down by the will of envoys who assist these original deities. They use these seeds to create souls (tama), which are tied to carnal selves (shiyi) using the ‘knot of the soul’ (tama-no-wo), with the help of the spirits. With this, we receive human life. The Anare deities protect our organs and inner workings, our blood vessels, and our voice. The Tamime deities protect our human appearance.

In other words, our cosmovision is not – like the modern scientific one of planets and solar systems and galaxies – an objective one. Nor is it purely subjective.

An objective cosmovision cannot describe the inner world. While a neurological map, no matter how complete or detailed, may describe the neurological states and changes your brain undergoes during the process of…heartbreak, say, it cannot describe how it feels. It might tell us that the amygdalae secrete unusually high levels of X, which might or might not be connected with certain frontal lobe patterns that might or not might not correspond to you remembering your lost love. But it fundamentally cannot, at any level of description or by any level-changing transformation – reduction, deduction, induction – say anything about the inner.

Conversely, your own personal account of the upset cannot be taken as an objective account. As Kant and Schopenhauer went to enormous lengths to prove philosophically, inner perception is never objective – indeed, perhaps no account can ever be truly objective. Our perception of the outer world is forever and fundamentally mediated by the senses, by where we place our attention, by personality, by emotional investiture in any given situation. We look with rose-tinted lenses, or bleakly, or with detachment. Honing detachment, we aspire to perceiving directly…but can we ever really see What is Ultimately There? We will return to this again and again.

The Hotsuma-Tsutae cosmovision, like any esoteric (shamanic) cosmovision, transcends the objective/subjective divide. Everything is Spirit, is Sound, is Energy. A rock or a tree or the Grand Shrine at Ise and the inner percepts/feelings of these objects can be described in the same language. Which is to say that the H-T cosmovision – like any true shamanic cosmovision – is holographic. Object and observer, as we know (objectively) from hard science, are inextricably linked. An electron is a wave when observed under certain conditions, a particle under others. The problem of observing anything is that the anything is affected by the observation. If you like, you can puzzle over what the world might look like when you are not looking at it. Later on, we will discuss not-looking, an important domain of the initiatic technique of not-doing.

Amateru’s cosmovision is entirely in accord with the classic three-realm shamanic cosmovision of an Upper, a Lower and a Middle world:

Cosmogonic Overview of the Tama-no Wo

Classic Shamanic 3-Cosmogonic Overview of the Tama-no Wo

The Japanese word for soul is tama, which also means ‘jewel’. The Tama is an eight-dimensional entity – let us think of it, for the sake of three-dimensional representability as a jewel with 8 faces – an octahedron. Incarnation, then, is the business of tethering this ‘descending’ jewel to the biomic dimensions, which offer ‘upwards’ 8 sockets for it to plug into. The resulting contraption is the Tama-no Wo, the Knot of the Soul. Once tied, you’re in – carnate, breathing, eating, shitting, suffering and perceiving. We will come onto the other sine qua non of biological life – reproduction – in the next release.

The Upper World here is, as Amateru told us in initiatix_04, the light part that rose, turning to the right (right-handed spiral rune of ‘A’), from the Big Bang of Amemiwoya’s First Breath. The Lower World is the heavy part, that sank, turning to the left (left-handed spiral of ‘Wa’).

A distraction:
We can now resolve any confusion re Heaven and Earth, when comparing H-T with the modern-scientific view of the Solar System. The Planets are Earthy – as in of the earth element – not Heavenly. Thus, all the bodies of the Solar System, apart from Venus and Uranus, spin anticlockwise – to the left. Google this business of planetary spin direction and you’ll basically get a nobody quite knows why kind of answer. Maybe Venus and Uranus (which spins almost on its side) were hit by something.

Radiotelescopes and so on can ‘look’ into the depths of Apparent Space and tell us, via the heavily mediated lenses of astronomy, particle physics and so on, that such and such might have or must have happened x million million years ago. We shall see – if not entirely clearly, the mystery is not yet solved! – what the Hotsuma legends have to offer.

So, we have the Upper World Above (as opposed to ordinary, physical above) and the Lower World Below (as opposed to ordinary, physical below). Our world is what is sandwiched in between.

  • Our world, the Middle World, the world of humans (and jaguars) is the meeting of Amoto and Anare deities.
  • Our world is the result of the tying together of Above and Below.
  • What happens in this Middle World is a function of the Knot.
  • What happens in your world, is a function of your particular Knot.
  • Wouldn’t you like to know how it is tied?

One last thing. Look at the peculiar rune reserved for the special sound U, which sits between Heavenly A and Earthly Wa at the centre of the Futomani/Cosmos. Officially, as a Futomani Priest, I must tell you that this special rune represents Amemiwoya, the Creator, He of that cataclysmic First Breath, First Sound. But does the hourglass shape not suggest a woman? And the round device inside it an unborn baby? And did we not already agree that the Creator was born?

  • Chaos is the Mother of Order
  • Void is the Mother of Form
  • The Mother is the Mother of The Father.

Think about that last one. Something of The Great Irony in there…

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