War on Terra: Blokes with Beards vs Girls

First in another brand new sub-series to feature on this site, a branch of the arch-theme of the War on Terra.

As eco-feminists and others have long pointed out, [part of] the problem of objectification, rape and pillage of the Earth stems from [diabolical misreadings of] patriarchal madness with regards women.

Or in this case litte girls.

Afghan bride, age 8

Afghan bride, age 8

The racist, empiricist, Lizard media have worked hard to familiarise us with this sort of story (right, picture of an 8-year-old bride in  Afghanistan, from an Evening Standard article commemorating 10 years of British forces in Afghanistan) lest we forget what the drive train of “allied” actions abroad since 9/11 were about.

Those of us in the West had better be able to stretch our minds – we’ve got it coming big time and we know it – but can our Atlantic Ocean puncturing minds stretch to encompass a culture in which men acquire brides as young as 8? The grooms are not 8, of course.

What has happened to men who, regardless of their different culture, think it alright to acquire a child bride? It is now illegal, thanks to the strident idealism of Western Forces and Hamid Karzai (yes I am being ironic) but that didn’t stop the groom of this bride – a police officer of ironic course – “interfering” with her.

We can perhaps stretch to such cultures having arisen from harsh environments in which females are house-bounded – closeted, closely guarded, like orchids perhaps, kept pure until the moment of unveiling…a fusion perhaps of queen ant and sleeping beauty. But we fall short of imagining ourselves in a culture in which it’s OK to fuck an 8-year old girl. We are of course, bending over backwards.

The purpose of the Russian oligarch-owned  Evening Standard piece is of course to promote the continued presence of UK forces in Afghanistan – which, if you Google official sources, you will easily discover was invaded “in retaliation for the terrorist atrocities of 9/11.”

In other words, then, the presence of UK forces is War on Terror – invasion (penetration) of another country. Surfacing of images such as the one above (along with burka’ed women etc), disturbing though they are, serve to reinforce the “reasons” for being in Afghanistan, should the 9/11 gag wear thin.

Google will return fewer results for Beit Shemesh, in the crucible of Western civilisation itself, where scenes such as this unfold (do watch the video on the BBC World Site:

Ultra-orthodox protestors accuse school girls of "sluttishness" in Beit Shemesh

Ultra-orthodox protestors accuse school girls of "sluttishness" in Beit Shemesh

A different context, but with obvious similarities. “Holy” men with beards unable to countenance female sexuality, this time in the form of orthodox Jewish girls going to school. As you will see from the video, their garb is hardly “sluttish”.

Ironically, of course, it is likely the case that at these extremes of Old Lizardry – where the primordial attitude of the Separate I, landing like an Alien on a Garden-of-Eden-Planet – is at its clearest – the bearded godmen are in fact quite eco-friendly. Tending orange groves, olive groves, riding donkeys and so on. The BBC article seeks to assauge the apparent ultra-misogyny by saying that it’s really a turf war between the ultra-orthodox and orthodox communities, the girls’ school being unfortunately situated in the middle. But even if we go with that, we must again ask – what on earth is going through these men’s minds? The Word of God, they will say.

Bearded goatmen in Afghanistan with child brides might not surprise you (any more). But bearded godmen in Israel throwing their own shit at school girls should. As should the news that there are deep schisms between orthodox and ultra-orthodox communities. Isn’t Israel the Jewish State, united and unitary since (Thut)Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt? Oh dear what might it mean that all is not good?

You thought War on Terror was smokescreen. Wait til you see War on Terra!

The fire will be revealed soon enough. In the meantime, be nice to your girlfriend, your mum, your wife, your sister, your daughter etc.