Justice for Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie death: struggle for justice culminates in Israeli court

Nine years after she was killed protesting in the Gaza Strip, the verdict in a lawsuit brought by her family is about to be heard.


This article about the US protester killed by bulldozer in Rafah refugee camp, Gaza, aged 23, in 2003 (esoteric note, 2+3 = 5 = Gevurah, the sephirot of justice on the kabalistic Tree of Life) is heard, on Guardian Comment Is Free-watching site CIFWatch as:

The continued exploitation of Rachel Corrie.

This coming week the verdict will be given in the civil law suit brought by the parents of ISM volunteer Rachel Corrie against the Israeli government. Already the Rachel Corrie Foundation (run by her parents and others) has scheduled a publicity event and is using the occasion to add leverage to its anti-Israel campaigning.


In other words, the prospect that justice might or could be done is inflammatory to CIFWatch. At least, viz my review of The Dictator, we are here talking definitely about Israel rather than trespassing on a jews-only web of connections between Israel and jews. Which we have to observe, is not a million miles from the connectivity between muslims and various racial groups. General aside: problems ensue when religious and racial groups overlap too neatly. Oh but wait! This bulldozer was bulldozing (refugee housing plus Rachel Corrie plus nine, unsung Palestinians that day) in Rafah refugee camp, which is Gaza, close to the border with Egypt. Disputed territory isn’t it? Someone‘s trespassing.

The young American’s intention was to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian home in Rafah refugee camp, close to the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. Scores of homes had already been crushed; Corrie was one of eight American and British volunteers acting as human shields for local families. [Guardian]


When Rachel Corrie was accidentally killed nine and a half years ago, public awareness of the nature of the organization (also known as the Palestine Solidarity Movement – PSM – in the US) which sent her and many others to endanger their lives in a war zone (and still does) was perhaps limited. The International Solidarity Movement had, after all, only been in existence for a short while at the time, having been founded in 2001 – several months after the second Intifada commenced. [CIFWatch]



Paranoia seems to be the mindset around these issues. From a certain point of view the existence of CIFWatch full stop is paranoid. And from such a point of view, it’s possible to view Justice for Rachel is as anti-Israeli, anti-Zionist, anti-Jewish (take your pick). As is the peaceful flotilla sent from Turkey to Gaza, and militarily disabled by Israel, who in their paranoia are immune, or rather thriving on international criticism.

So we shouldn’t criticise Israel or CIFWatch for being paranoid, but to reach out to them with paranoia of our own, specifically the suspicion that, just as the muslims have been hijacked by the wahabi-salafis, the christians by the fundamentalist american agenda, so the jews – and israel – have been hijacked by the Zionists. Perhaps even Zionism has been hijacked.

As Joe Biden said in 2007, “You don’t have to be a jew to be a Zionist.” Now, as then, Biden is Barack Obama’s running mate for the Israeli, sorry, US Presidency. As Peter Bradshaw, Guardian reviewer of The Dictator wrote in his 2006 review of Borat:

One of the first sequences is Borat introducing a TV clip showing one of his community’s oldest folk traditions: the Running of the Jew. It is quite incredible, and conceived on an epic scale to rival the chariot race from Ben-Hur. Obviously, Sacha Baron Cohen is himself Jewish and perhaps we should here quickly rehearse the saloon-bar truisms: only Jewish people are allowed to tell Jewish jokes, if these comedians wanted to be dangerous why don’t they take on Islam – yes, yes, quite … but is Sacha Baron Cohen really allowed to do this? Is anyone? It is a sensational provocation, a 19th-century anti-semitic cartoon gigantically reborn in the 21st century, in which anti-semitism is alive and well all over the world, in places where they have incidentally never heard of the liberal west’s carefully nurtured distinction between anti-semitism and anti-Zionism.

With all this jews but not Israel, Israel but not jews, jews but not Zion stuff, the phrase that comes to mind is having your cake and eating it. The other observation to make is that Bradshaw seems to have missed one of Baron Cohen’s ironic turns. For a jew to feel pricked by  the spoofed anti-semitism of the Running of the Jew scene in Borat is something like me feeling racially offended by Bernard Manning ranting “cheese wog” re [round, yellow cheese like] spoof drug “cake” in Chris Morris’s Brass Eye. Pricked enough that he must resort, reflexively to a swipe at Islam.


Pain and healing

The more I think about it, the more the whole dynamic around the jews and Israel and so on seems childish. It’s a game of sticks and stones (except, in their case, nuclear ones). It’s Eckhart Tolle’s pain body at work – a nexus of negative energies with a will to survive of its own.

Here’s what I want to say on a shamanic blog about the Zionist agenda: Something deeply pained, paranoid and unhealed lies at the centre of it, heavily protected by memetic smokescreens and, as everyone knows, armed with nuclear weapons. It has the power to draw in other pain bodies by mere mention (mine included). Primarily it draws to itself the other ‘god’ pain bodies: Iran, the ‘christian’ fundamentalist right and so on. I will go a stage further and say that, The Devil lies at the heart of the God World. Which, from an esoteric point of view is hardly news, but for those arriving at this from a political background, may sound like madness.

If you think about it, preferably via symbols, the idea that Devil lies at the heart of God is “simply” (!) yin yang philosophy. The true Light lies at the heart of the heart of darkness, Shakti awakes Shiva, spontaneous Creation from the fertile Void.

Another way of talking about this pained and paranoid Devil is to talk about – a la Final Fantasy, the Spirits Within – the Spirit of the Lizards, a la Carlos Casteneda’s Active Side of Infinity the “predator from the depths of the cosmos” who conquered humanity by giving us their minds. And that mind is pained and paranoid as it is the mind of a race which has destroyed its world. In Avatar, the protagonist Sully mentions of the Sky People (human military industrial complex) that “they killed their mother.”

This pain is in all of us, even if it is not directly ours. It is part of the inheritance of being human in this era. It is what is being healed in this era.

Political will, wars, bombings and invasions have not liberated the Palestinians – nor have the jews, Israelis or Zionists been liberated from the matter – in more than 60 years. The definition of insanity is to go on doing the same and expecting a different result.

Am I saying that nothing should be done about Israel Palestine? Am I suggesting that we all go out and hug a bulldozer? No. I’m not saying whether anything should be done or not done. But that whatever you do or do not do – or think or say – watch your pain body. Departure from peace on the inside only feeds that Great Pain Body at the centre of this world issue. Inflammation, anger, unease, indignation – these are the energies that Body thrives on.


Sex, lies and karma: a shamanic view of the Assange case.

It began with the awesome power of those truths about US war crimes, infiltration of the UN etc revealed by Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, which pertain, more than anything else, to the Great Project architected through 911, to Afghanistan, Iraq and on through Iran and reaching further eastwards towards something very like the three-continent perpetual war scenario of George Orwell.

Manning, by the way is now approaching 900 days incarcerated without charge in conditions declaimed as “inhumane” by UN inspectors. Assassination of Assange has been publicly called for by various US news anchormen, decried by Obama, Clinton, UK and Australian governments as at best ‘irresponsible and illegal’.Image

Suddenly the case quantum-leaps to new memetic levels with the entry of #rape. And leaps again when Assange seeks sanctuary – understandable, when FBI and god knows which other secret services have been briefed – in, of all places, the Ecuadoian Embassy, which immediately opens the field to #correa, #chavez and #morales – the old Latin American axis of evil, with connections to #iran.

What a diabolical setup!

Suddenly we have feminists versus pro-Assange camp, which roughly equates to the position that whatever Good Assange has done in exposing dreadful US warcrimes in Afghanist and Iraq is negated by the Bad he may have done in bed with two separate women.

Suddenly we have demiurges [Galloway] coming out the woodwork to seize upon these powerful handles. There is hay to be made. It is rape. It is not rape. What is rape? Why don’t we know by now what rape is? Sweden has pressed charges, Sweden has not pressed charges. The US is interested, the US is not interested in whether Assange is extradited to the US or not. Whom to believe?

One certainly needs a reasonable grasp of the facts – if that is possible, as everything is of course reported, recorded digitally, and therefore fundamentally plastic. A good place to recap is this Australian Four Corners documentary, which, I believe, does a good job of moving between sources from the different sides of this complex equation.

The presentation of the sequence of events, at a detailed timeline level that includes text messages and tweets, allows, I think, some clarity as to what happened in Sweden – with the precaution that the documentary’s reconstructed scenes pose a risk of their own. In a very simple nutshell the timeline that emerges from text messages and other items is:

  • Arrives in Sweden for conference organised by Miss A.
  • Sleeps with Miss A.
  • Conference and after party, which he attends with Miss A.
  • Sleeps with Miss W.

The rest is somewhat murky, including how the previously unacquainted Ms A and Ms W join forces to present themselves at a Swedish police station, how their presentation led in 24hrs to an arrest warrant being issued, retracted and reissued, Assange’s presentation for interview, subsequent release pending, then the issue of an Interpol Red Notice.

Into this murkiness arrives Karl Rove, the great architect behind the invasion of Iraq, spinning of WMD stories and so on, reported to be working as a legal advisor to the Swedish government on the Assange case. Where Rove is involved, rest assured major dollar and power is at stake. It may well be that certain secrets from Iraq have not yet come to light. It may be a matter of cabal honour that Assange is brought down.

With respect to Mr Assange and the two women, for there have been an awful lot of people sticking their necks out on this subject, I’m going to stick my neck out and offer a ‘shamanic’ perspective.

In obtaining the secret Wikileaks information, Julian Assange stepped into a position of tremendous power. By and large he has handled this position with great aplomb, courage and confidence. He is 39, about the same age as me. He is a nomadic outsider living by his wits. Suddenly he is head to head with Hilary Clinton – not to mention that hoardes of invisibles behind her.

With such power comes the ability to free oneself – and great chunks of the logoidal world too – from old karma. And at the same time comes the great risk of incurring new karma.

I say this compassionately: Julian Assange overstepped the very fine mark between freedom and entanglement – and in the oldest of ways. He, Miss A and Miss W have all met each other before, in a similarly powerful situation. This time around it was Assange who entered with the glow of power around him. He accepted Ms A’s hospitality, bed and perhaps love. And then betrayed it. There you have it.

Abuse of power and betrayal. I say this compassionately. We have all made those mistakes. Over and over and over again.

Mistake made, the Assange/Ms A/Ms W case was cracked wide open. Enter Rove to seize the handles. Suddenly we have #rape versus #justice – and I suspect by nature of the dark forces that swirl around that kind of power, a stroke of incredible luck for someone like Rove that Assange’s sanctuary in the House of Rafael Corres in London opens up with #chavez #iran and to bang that drum a little more loudly, #georgegalloway comes in too… More oil on the fire, more smoke, the original stuff (viz assassination of anyone the US doesn’t like via drone etc) becomes more obscure.

Assange’s mistake is forgivable. All that power would go to your head, and it looks like he did not have a strong and good woman with him to help deal with it. Ergo the temptation to step into the shoes of a self-made James Bond, with all the womanising and partying and intrigue that the novels and movies long ago made desirable, not just acceptable. I suspect though that Julian Assange is more naïve where James Bond is cynical.

The #rape field is already fraught. The agenda in those discussions has already diverged, as new cracks are exposed in legislation, in perceptions of what constitutes rape etc. Here, my main point is the necessity of impeccability in positions of power, and that great power elevates to positions of such karmic potential that impeccability is extremely difficult. Personal karma becomes tied with karma of much broader scale. Thus the karma between Assange and the two women becomes something of global significance.

We can certainly say that people like Rove are exploiting us all – Assange, the women, the media, the legal systems of various countries, the commentators and columnists, feminists and Anonymists, and Occupiers.

But from a more abstract point of view we can see that seizing the handles of emerging accidents – exactly as they did in 911 – Rove et al are simply doing what they do – perhaps impeccably, relative to their cynical framework. They are black magicians, dividing and conquering, as they always have done.

All of this –  with its trail of tweets and articles and videos, should be seen as a great learning tool. When we learn how to handle power, we will have it. Otherwise we will be endlessly subject to that old adage – power corrupts. And we are learning. This is 2012, this is the scale and import of these events.