A Quick Look at Bolsonaro

SUN 30th degree of Pisces

Sabian Symbol = The Great Stoneface

“The Power of Vision”


Focus on: Keeping to your vision. Believing in something and pursuing it. Sticking to your guns.

Watch our for: Emulating the greatness of others at the expense of being yourself. Casting expectations in stone, and thereby being rigid. Basing belief on fear or false gods.

Given the moon symbol (below), and Bolsonaro’s long history as military captain and congressman, there is now the sense of his time having come. Given this is the last Symbol of the 360, there is something ultimate about it too.

Given he recently held up Winston Churchill’s Memoirs of the Second World War as a personal bible, one wonders in what image he molds himself. War fans and UK patriots will forgive me if my take on Churchill encompasses alternative views to e.g. the Gary Oldman movie, and questions whether, for instance, the bombing of Dresden was in fact a war crime, not to mention an assortment of atrocities in India.


MOON 24th degree of Aquarius

Sabian: A Man Turning His Back on His Passions and Teaching from Experience

“Giving Something Back”

Second round of the presidential election in Brazil

Focus on: Advancement through self-sacrifice. Recognising the hollowness of selfish goals. Service.

Watch out for: Merely playing at the above. Allowing personal hangups or pet projects to escalate into political affairs.

Pluto opposition Moon suggests that his ascent to power is partly fuelled by a deep seated (m)other wound, which may be his unraveling in the end. One wonders to what extent these passions (daemonic energies) still run the show.


NORTH NODE 2nd degree Capricorn

Three Stained Glass Windows, One Damaged by Bombardment

“Restoring the Whole”


Focus on: The presence of the divine, or spirit in life, a holistic view, and how this is all too easily corrupted or shattered.

Watch out for: Using strength to dominate. Despising the weaknesses of others, which is a projection of your own. Guilt and therefore destructiveness of self and others.

The image here is of a damaged trinity. Given the moon reading, one is again tempted to suspect deep personal wounds, which, unexamined, fuel outwards projections. Given his notorious attitudes and behaviour towards women, one is tempted to pick the feminine as being the wounded aspect––though it may just as well be the (un)holy child.


SOUTH NODE 2nd degree Cancer

A Man Suspended Over a Vast Level Place

“On Hold”


Focus On: Seeing all things as equal. Seeing from on high. Wide vision therefore wise decisions.

Watch out for: Lack of groundedness. Feeling “out of it” or of not being accepted, when it is rather you who do not accept it.

Being early in Cancer, which is all about watery feelings requiring protection by a shell of some sort, this symbol suggests that these emotions are out of touch, that something has not landed yet. Equally, that the shell has not yet formed. It begs the question of how the man got up there in the first place, and what will bring him down and when. Forgiveness of self and mother?

Bolsonaro’s nodal axis is indeed the classic ride out from the 4th house of Cancerian home and family into the 10th house of the big bad Capricornian world.

Given the caution of his moon symbol, and Mother Nature as extension of personal (m)other, we can only hope that the vast level plain of the south node is not a razed Amazon forest. That dire fate, Bolsonaro has campaigned, lies in his hands.


SATURN 21st degree of Scorpio

A Soldier Derelict in Duty

“A Question of Conscience”


Focus on: An uncompromising response to inner values. Being true to one’s conscience, even if it goes against the general grain. Finding ways to do what has to be done.

Watch out for: Performing soldierly duty at any cost. Kill or be killed. Giving up when the going gets tough.

As we are on the cusp of the next degree and therefore symbol, Hunters Starting Out for Ducks, the kill or be killed daemon seems most relevant. Research into JB’s history, particularly military exploits and failures, could be revelatory.

He has publicly and loudly declared that the military regimes of 60s and 70s Brazil did not go far enough in their murder and torture of dissidents. Is this the dereliction of duty he now feels compelled to address?

While it’s easy to judge Bolsonaro as a fascist, even a Hitler, if we wish to understand his intolerance towards the Amazon and its people (amongst other vulnerable sections) we must consider, as did Hitler, that he bears deep convictions of being right. We also recall Tony Blair avowing the same in the Iraq Enquiry.

Bolsonaro, Blair and Hitler, being possessed of (or by) such powerful daemonic energies, thereby create a powerful karmic wake. Trump too, though I doubt he believes he is right.

Taking a Matrix-like view, we can imagine them as powerful programs on some predestined course. Might we consider, imagine, speculate, contemplate what the inner life of these avatars might be like? All three can be accused of playing God in their actions to address the greater good at the expense of a great many. Indeed, is it God playing them, or something else?

Ultimately even the Devil is in the service of God/Spirit/Source (albeit in as roundabout a way as its is possible to imagine!)

Ancient traditions are universal in their reference to a Flood or cataclysm, which wipes the slate clean. Be it Inti, the Andean solar deity, who weeps at the chaos and corruption of his creation; be it Amateru, the Shinto equivalent, who retreats into a cave; be it Jesus, who “dies” on the world cross and is interred in a cave…

Are Trump, Blair, Bolsonaro and others still to come avatars of destruction, of Shiva, the Jajal, the karmic broom wagon at the end of this era? Who or what will roll back the rock? Who or what will emerge at the dawn of the new day?

© Nizami Thirteen, greatly indebted to Lyn Birkbeck’s Astrological Oracle.

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