Here were are – 12.12.12 – the “Day of Crystal Activation.” Which might mean something to you, something you have managed to distill from the ether(net), or nothing at all. 

 Someone asked me last night, ‘12.12.12 is a Gregorian calendar date, which, as we know, has no relation to natural cycles. So how can this date be significant?’ It’s a good question. 

 9.9.9, 10.10.10, 11.11.11 and 12.12.12 are significant in the first place because of their numerology. There is the threefold repetition of the number, three being the number of eternal movement, of trinity, of transcendence or progression from dual polarity. Good things come in threes.

Then there is the numerology of the numbers repeated. Nine is three threes, therefore a master expression of the energy of three. Ten is completion, which at the same time is the jumping to the next level, a beginning. eleven is double one, the number of beginning. Thus 11.11.11 last year was a day of beginnings, doubly and triply! 

Numerologically 12.12.12 has  the resonance of three (1 + 2) repeated three times. From Tarot comes the resonance of the first trump, The Magician, representing will/yang/masculine, and the second, The High Priestess, representing receptivity/yin/feminine. 12 signifies the union of these two. The masculine and feminine cooperating together. 

 From Jose Arguelles, the neo-Mayan channeller and activation for world change via adoption of a 13 moon calendar, comes the resonance of the Twelfth of the Thirteen Tones of the Sacred Loom of the Maya. Twelve is the Crystal Tone, which represents cooperation. It is the most ‘configurable’ number of all the tones, being divisible by 2,3,4 and 6 – indeed for this reason the old (Imperial) metrics (inches and feet and so on) were all calculated in base 12. 

While, like newspaper astrology, much bunkum has been published about it, numerology has its roots in the esoteric sciences – which is to say in the work of the ancients – the arab, jewish, greek, egyptian, indian… Which is to say that numerology is part of the Perennial Philosophy – a way of thinking that we see again and again in kabalah, shamanism, vedanta, buddhism and other modes. If you like– if it is illusory, then it is the Grand Illusion to which all illusions seem to lead.

Returning to the present day, with our cumbersome and lopsided  calendar that bears the name of Pope Gregory, with its unequal moons and names of months pushed out of place…Why should a date in this calendar be significant? 

Strange though it is, this is the calendar the modern world uses. This is the global calendar. This is the calendar that, rightly or wrongly, currently ‘unifies’ the world. It is the calendar programmed into every mobile phone and computer, printed in every diary. It is the calendar of the Technosphere. 

Let us talk of spheres. We have the biosphere, the shroud of soil and water and plants and organisms that includes us. A cybernetic whole that somehow sustains itself (via water, nitrogen and countless other cycles) between the lithosphere (the mineral/rock/inorganic planet) and the atmosphere. Jose Arguelles has revived the work of Vladimir Vernadsky, the Russian geologist and cosmist, and one of the forerunners of the cybernetic Gaia theory. In particular his concept of the Noosphere. 

Deriving from the Greek /nous/ meaning mind (which survives in colloquial English as “nouse”) the Noosphere is the ‘mind envelope’ of the planet. The collective dream, if you like. The will to. Generally, historically, typically, the will is to expansionism, racism, nationalism, exploitation of natural resources and all the violence that necessitates. Pessimists would say simply a will to violence. A bestial will. 

Noosphere, atmosphere and biosphere are all interconnected, forming a larger cybernetic system, this time one that transcends inner (mind) and outer (bio phenomena). By feeding the noosphere violent energies, violence manifests on Earth – not only in the direct manifestations of bomb attacks and drone wars and whatever – but also in ways pertaining to the biosphere itself. Ecological disasters, desertification, disruption of water cycles. Here would appear a strong argument that it IS human activity that brings about climate change. 

The melting of the icecaps, we have heard, is a cybernetic feedback system. Now that it has a certain momentum, it can only accelerate. For instance as the ice recedes the surface of the earth is less reflective, meaning more heat is absorbed, the ice melts faster. 

Enter the Technosphere. A latter day pretender. An impostor. A superfast silicon Noosphere that carries its own illlumination. I can make a phone call to the other side of the world, check facts on Vernadsky or find political, subversive, sexual, heretical information in moments. The Technosphere has a role to play in the Ascension of the Earth. A curious role: prisoner and liberator at the same time. A channel for that will to violence? An accelerator.

The Arab Spring was sprung via Twitter, they say. Certainly, the internet spreads memes quickly and widely. In the Plan (the plant, planet plan) this is the secret mission of the internet. ‘Problem’ being that the internet exists also in a dualistic world, which means it must have its dark side as much as its light. One can get trapped in the Technosphere. Transfixed by our mobile phone, images on the internet, the ceaseless chatter and bickering and mini-acknowledgements of Facebook. And so on. 

I rather like the image of Gollum in the Lord of the Rings (which comes from Tolkien’s Norse-soaked imagination) who grasps one last time the One Ring to Rule Them All (and in the darkness bind them) and stumbles, carrying the Ring the last step into the purifying Fire. Perhaps there are clues there as to the role of the Technosphere. 

Returning again to today! 12.12.12 is a portal, a window into the machine-calendar, the artificial noosphere that unifies us. A glitch in the Matrix. Its theme is cooperation, coming together, in twos and sixes and threes and fours, online, on the phone, physically. Do something special today. Be cooperative. Be aware of the configuration of others around you.  

For after the Twelfth Tone comes the last. The Thirteenth, which can appear in our duodecimal Gregorian calendar only as the year 2013. 13:20, 13 tones and 20 solar glyphs, is the sacred loom of the Maya, the matrix at the core of all their calendars.

Thirteen as ever, is about Death, about Transformation, about letting go.

Then the New may enter. 


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