Humans owned by sheep

I was googling around looking for short video on basic animal survival needs to spice up a presentation on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and came across this video of a group of sheep concerned for an injured bird.

The video speaks for itself.

This post is about neither sheep nor seagulls. We read a lot about the wonders of the internet fostering healthy and even dictator-toppling debate and discussion. But there’s another side to it. Anyone who uses youtube, for example, will be familiar with the obligatory trail of increasingly pointless and abusive eye-for-an-eye comment that follows. Which is what caught my eye here. For sure, an ahhh! video in the best sense, yet even here it takes only a few scans of the eye before we’re back in the…well where are we back in…maybe normally you’d say ‘the jungle’ but that doesn’t seem right here.

Perhaps David Icke’s famous term ‘sheople’ needs political correctness reviewed…


Screen shot of sheep video comments pt 1

Screen shot of sheep video comments pt 2


And so on, to the tune of 1074 comments. Perhaps not all of them are daft. I rather like the idea that one sheep is uttering a prayer.

On the same page, a related video caught my eye.

Kid gets owned by sheep

What’s that? Yes it’s just an image, a screenshot. What? Where’s the video? You wanna go and watch clips exploiting kids and animals you can go to youtube. No I don’t want to see a seagull getting owned by a snake. What? How old am I? How old are you? Come on then you f*@£….




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