Sex, lies and karma: a shamanic view of the Assange case.

It began with the awesome power of those truths about US war crimes, infiltration of the UN etc revealed by Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, which pertain, more than anything else, to the Great Project architected through 911, to Afghanistan, Iraq and on through Iran and reaching further eastwards towards something very like the three-continent perpetual war scenario of George Orwell.

Manning, by the way is now approaching 900 days incarcerated without charge in conditions declaimed as “inhumane” by UN inspectors. Assassination of Assange has been publicly called for by various US news anchormen, decried by Obama, Clinton, UK and Australian governments as at best ‘irresponsible and illegal’.Image

Suddenly the case quantum-leaps to new memetic levels with the entry of #rape. And leaps again when Assange seeks sanctuary – understandable, when FBI and god knows which other secret services have been briefed – in, of all places, the Ecuadoian Embassy, which immediately opens the field to #correa, #chavez and #morales – the old Latin American axis of evil, with connections to #iran.

What a diabolical setup!

Suddenly we have feminists versus pro-Assange camp, which roughly equates to the position that whatever Good Assange has done in exposing dreadful US warcrimes in Afghanist and Iraq is negated by the Bad he may have done in bed with two separate women.

Suddenly we have demiurges [Galloway] coming out the woodwork to seize upon these powerful handles. There is hay to be made. It is rape. It is not rape. What is rape? Why don’t we know by now what rape is? Sweden has pressed charges, Sweden has not pressed charges. The US is interested, the US is not interested in whether Assange is extradited to the US or not. Whom to believe?

One certainly needs a reasonable grasp of the facts – if that is possible, as everything is of course reported, recorded digitally, and therefore fundamentally plastic. A good place to recap is this Australian Four Corners documentary, which, I believe, does a good job of moving between sources from the different sides of this complex equation.

The presentation of the sequence of events, at a detailed timeline level that includes text messages and tweets, allows, I think, some clarity as to what happened in Sweden – with the precaution that the documentary’s reconstructed scenes pose a risk of their own. In a very simple nutshell the timeline that emerges from text messages and other items is:

  • Arrives in Sweden for conference organised by Miss A.
  • Sleeps with Miss A.
  • Conference and after party, which he attends with Miss A.
  • Sleeps with Miss W.

The rest is somewhat murky, including how the previously unacquainted Ms A and Ms W join forces to present themselves at a Swedish police station, how their presentation led in 24hrs to an arrest warrant being issued, retracted and reissued, Assange’s presentation for interview, subsequent release pending, then the issue of an Interpol Red Notice.

Into this murkiness arrives Karl Rove, the great architect behind the invasion of Iraq, spinning of WMD stories and so on, reported to be working as a legal advisor to the Swedish government on the Assange case. Where Rove is involved, rest assured major dollar and power is at stake. It may well be that certain secrets from Iraq have not yet come to light. It may be a matter of cabal honour that Assange is brought down.

With respect to Mr Assange and the two women, for there have been an awful lot of people sticking their necks out on this subject, I’m going to stick my neck out and offer a ‘shamanic’ perspective.

In obtaining the secret Wikileaks information, Julian Assange stepped into a position of tremendous power. By and large he has handled this position with great aplomb, courage and confidence. He is 39, about the same age as me. He is a nomadic outsider living by his wits. Suddenly he is head to head with Hilary Clinton – not to mention that hoardes of invisibles behind her.

With such power comes the ability to free oneself – and great chunks of the logoidal world too – from old karma. And at the same time comes the great risk of incurring new karma.

I say this compassionately: Julian Assange overstepped the very fine mark between freedom and entanglement – and in the oldest of ways. He, Miss A and Miss W have all met each other before, in a similarly powerful situation. This time around it was Assange who entered with the glow of power around him. He accepted Ms A’s hospitality, bed and perhaps love. And then betrayed it. There you have it.

Abuse of power and betrayal. I say this compassionately. We have all made those mistakes. Over and over and over again.

Mistake made, the Assange/Ms A/Ms W case was cracked wide open. Enter Rove to seize the handles. Suddenly we have #rape versus #justice – and I suspect by nature of the dark forces that swirl around that kind of power, a stroke of incredible luck for someone like Rove that Assange’s sanctuary in the House of Rafael Corres in London opens up with #chavez #iran and to bang that drum a little more loudly, #georgegalloway comes in too… More oil on the fire, more smoke, the original stuff (viz assassination of anyone the US doesn’t like via drone etc) becomes more obscure.

Assange’s mistake is forgivable. All that power would go to your head, and it looks like he did not have a strong and good woman with him to help deal with it. Ergo the temptation to step into the shoes of a self-made James Bond, with all the womanising and partying and intrigue that the novels and movies long ago made desirable, not just acceptable. I suspect though that Julian Assange is more naïve where James Bond is cynical.

The #rape field is already fraught. The agenda in those discussions has already diverged, as new cracks are exposed in legislation, in perceptions of what constitutes rape etc. Here, my main point is the necessity of impeccability in positions of power, and that great power elevates to positions of such karmic potential that impeccability is extremely difficult. Personal karma becomes tied with karma of much broader scale. Thus the karma between Assange and the two women becomes something of global significance.

We can certainly say that people like Rove are exploiting us all – Assange, the women, the media, the legal systems of various countries, the commentators and columnists, feminists and Anonymists, and Occupiers.

But from a more abstract point of view we can see that seizing the handles of emerging accidents – exactly as they did in 911 – Rove et al are simply doing what they do – perhaps impeccably, relative to their cynical framework. They are black magicians, dividing and conquering, as they always have done.

All of this –  with its trail of tweets and articles and videos, should be seen as a great learning tool. When we learn how to handle power, we will have it. Otherwise we will be endlessly subject to that old adage – power corrupts. And we are learning. This is 2012, this is the scale and import of these events.

3 thoughts on “Sex, lies and karma: a shamanic view of the Assange case.

  1. Well, if the corrupt seek power then it will certainly have corrupt outcome. I see power as an impersonal force. That’s what is so tricky about it. It is very difficult for average human being not to identify with the power. And as soon as we identify with something, that’s when the trouble starts.

  2. Clever, very clever. Cleaving open the hypocrisies, the ease with we which complicate violences. Important to remember I think that free speech is sacred, So are people’s bodies… and the same people may be intellectually fierce and pioneering, but emotionally, er buggered. Or at least confused. I do think however ‘rape’ is being used as an emotive weapon by his enemies and may well be irrelevant. And I’m a card carrying, old school (none of your Caitlin Moran nonsense or Naomi Wolff for me thanks) feminist. Let’s concentrate instead on more problematic, and common rapes- for example those carried on at a rate of one a minute in the congo as I write this…..

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