Brave bhodisattva completes her mission

Yue Yue in Foshan Market

Yue Yue in Foshan Market

Toddler left dying after hit and run prompts soul searching in China

Footage of a two-year-old girl being hit by a truck and then ignored by passersby in Foshan has been watched 1.5m times

[Guardian, Mon 17 October 2011]


The mainstream media describe this event at one level, the ordinary level, complete with actual video footage of this horrendous event. It is extremely painful to watch. On the youtubed human richter scale it far surpasses the “Good Samaritan” attack on Ashraf Haziq during the London riots earlier this year.

I have given the event a spiritual title because that is the only way to make sense of it. It would be insensitive to the point of psychopathy to speculate upon karmic, through-the-veil, dynamics here. As would discussion of whether reports that the video is in fact a reconstruction using a doll and actors are spin or counter spin.

Mainstream coverage certainly points to the event at least being genuine. In which case, as Chinese commentators have already surmised: there is a great illness in the heart of China. And this little girl has completed her mission: to bring that illness to the world’s attention.

It is not just China of course.

The other day I was cycling down Haymarket and witnessed a collision between a man on a bicycle and a pedestrian woman. Words were exchanged –  I was too far away to hear but I don’t think they were conciliatory – before the man wheeled his bike to one side and the woman limped to the other side of the road. People looked on. The lights changed and the traffic started up again. An everyday occurrence – indeed, far more serious accidents occur everyday – but it struck me as terribly sad. I felt that woman’s pain. I felt a great sadness at the cyclist’s instinct – to take care of his bicycle.

I felt what anyone can feel, if they check in with themselves. If they allow themselves.

At the train station, at the tube station, on the stairs, on the escalators…these cold steel surfaces, these channels laid for us to trot along…Where is it we are going? Where are we headed?

To the market?

To Foshan?


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