We’ve put up with 911, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Guantanamo… Fred Goodwin (what a name), Enron, Lehman, Anderson, Northern Rock… And are putting up with Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Tesco, Boots…pretty much any money making outfit you can think of – all of whom are engaged in legal fraud – paying absolute minimum tax, smokescreen corporate social responsibility etc. It’s all hollow, shallow, spun. We need to do what Argentina did (and by God they needed to, the evil shits they had running the place). Everyone out on the streets, during the Olympics, demanding Truth, Love, Consciousness. If they bring the army in, as some people are baying for, there is no choice for the intelligent citizen but to stand. Maybe the rioters are just the touch paper. The most vulnerable, the ones with the least to lose. Easy for everyone else (already got iPhone) to condemn them and watch them bussed away – to where? prison? who’s gonna pay for that? the prisons are full. No. There will come a point. It could be now, it could be tomorrow, it could be Aug 2012, where everyone will have to stand. No, not lifting tellys from Curry’s but elevating the whole effort to demand those very things the Hackney Woman was pointing out lacking from rioting kids minds. Truth, Love, Justice, Consciousness, Peace, Respect, Education, Sacred Sexuality, Sustainability. All the Good Things our government machinery seems less and less able to even think of, let alone provide. The UK is not a global nuclear power. Let’s get the hell off the Security Council. Disarm. Disentangle from the US before they take us down with them.

The thing is the ‘we’, isn’t it?

What ‘we’? What ‘community’? We have let these things slide for so long. Our ‘we’ is family (riddled with dysfunction). Our ‘we’ is football (international mafia-sponsored spectacle of cock). Our ‘we’ is people at work (for most, a wafer thin artifice). Our ‘we’ is religion (rigid doctrine and dogma). Our ‘we’ is our neighbours. Maybe, maybe it would have to be, by default, sharing of resources etc. But for most, if not all of us, this ‘we’ is absent…or hidden. And we won’t find it until we each find our true selves. What am I? What are we?


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