initiatix_05: The Tama-no Wo

Preliminaries – initiatix_04: Shin-To, the New Tao.

We are at the Heavenly Court, listening to the Solar Deity, Amateru, explain how the eight sons of the Primordial Ancestor Amemiwoya, To, Ho, Ka, Mi, Ye, Hi, Ta and Me, aka the Kunitsatsuchi, aka the Amoto Deities descend from Above, forming the axes of an eight dimensional Logosphere. Rising to meet them from Below are the eight Anare Deities. At this most basic level, then, we have a rather simple and regular cosmovision.

The cosmos resembles a craggy mountain in form. It embraces the sun, moon and earth like a womb contains a foetus. The stars that shine in the night sky are like speckles seen through a baby’s placenta. And in the eternity on the far side of the universe, eight-coloured eight-fold banners stand at the eight extremities.

We note that 8×8 = 64, which is the number of hexagrams in the I-Ching divination system, but we are concerned here with the number 49.

In the realms of the cosmos, there are 49 divine positions, deities of creation who are also called ‘motoake’ (Deities of the First Light). At their centre sits Amemiwoya. Arranged at eight points around the Great Parent Deity, as if to assist him, are the eight Amoto deities (To-Ho-Ka-Mi-Ye-Hi-Ta-Me). Around them are arranged the eight Anare deities (A-I-Hu-He-Mo-Wo-Su-Si). Finally, in the furthest extremities are the remaining 32 deities, known as the Tamimemusubi.

We now encounter the Futomani Divination Chart, the hologram of this cosmovision.

"The Futomani Chart of Divination consists of a single deity at its centre, with inner, middle, and outer rings surrounding. Besides these, a total of 168,000 spirits serve the 49 deities."

Remember we are dealing with Logos here. Each deity is a sound, a phoneme, which can be represented by a letter in a phonetic alphabet. We shall meet the full 48 character plus one magical character Woshide (ancient script) alphabet of the Hotsuma-Tsutae, in due course.

But first I want to impress upon you the significance of these Descending and Ascending Deities of the First Light.

When we are born in human form, the seeds of humanity are sent down by the will of envoys who assist these original deities. They use these seeds to create souls (tama), which are tied to carnal selves (shiyi) using the ‘knot of the soul’ (tama-no-wo), with the help of the spirits. With this, we receive human life. The Anare deities protect our organs and inner workings, our blood vessels, and our voice. The Tamime deities protect our human appearance.

In other words, our cosmovision is not – like the modern scientific one of planets and solar systems and galaxies – an objective one. Nor is it purely subjective.

An objective cosmovision cannot describe the inner world. While a neurological map, no matter how complete or detailed, may describe the neurological states and changes your brain undergoes during the process of…heartbreak, say, it cannot describe how it feels. It might tell us that the amygdalae secrete unusually high levels of X, which might or might not be connected with certain frontal lobe patterns that might or not might not correspond to you remembering your lost love. But it fundamentally cannot, at any level of description or by any level-changing transformation – reduction, deduction, induction – say anything about the inner.

Conversely, your own personal account of the upset cannot be taken as an objective account. As Kant and Schopenhauer went to enormous lengths to prove philosophically, inner perception is never objective – indeed, perhaps no account can ever be truly objective. Our perception of the outer world is forever and fundamentally mediated by the senses, by where we place our attention, by personality, by emotional investiture in any given situation. We look with rose-tinted lenses, or bleakly, or with detachment. Honing detachment, we aspire to perceiving directly…but can we ever really see What is Ultimately There? We will return to this again and again.

The Hotsuma-Tsutae cosmovision, like any esoteric (shamanic) cosmovision, transcends the objective/subjective divide. Everything is Spirit, is Sound, is Energy. A rock or a tree or the Grand Shrine at Ise and the inner percepts/feelings of these objects can be described in the same language. Which is to say that the H-T cosmovision – like any true shamanic cosmovision – is holographic. Object and observer, as we know (objectively) from hard science, are inextricably linked. An electron is a wave when observed under certain conditions, a particle under others. The problem of observing anything is that the anything is affected by the observation. If you like, you can puzzle over what the world might look like when you are not looking at it. Later on, we will discuss not-looking, an important domain of the initiatic technique of not-doing.

Amateru’s cosmovision is entirely in accord with the classic three-realm shamanic cosmovision of an Upper, a Lower and a Middle world:

Cosmogonic Overview of the Tama-no Wo

Classic Shamanic 3-Cosmogonic Overview of the Tama-no Wo

The Japanese word for soul is tama, which also means ‘jewel’. The Tama is an eight-dimensional entity – let us think of it, for the sake of three-dimensional representability as a jewel with 8 faces – an octahedron. Incarnation, then, is the business of tethering this ‘descending’ jewel to the biomic dimensions, which offer ‘upwards’ 8 sockets for it to plug into. The resulting contraption is the Tama-no Wo, the Knot of the Soul. Once tied, you’re in – carnate, breathing, eating, shitting, suffering and perceiving. We will come onto the other sine qua non of biological life – reproduction – in the next release.

The Upper World here is, as Amateru told us in initiatix_04, the light part that rose, turning to the right (right-handed spiral rune of ‘A’), from the Big Bang of Amemiwoya’s First Breath. The Lower World is the heavy part, that sank, turning to the left (left-handed spiral of ‘Wa’).

A distraction:
We can now resolve any confusion re Heaven and Earth, when comparing H-T with the modern-scientific view of the Solar System. The Planets are Earthy – as in of the earth element – not Heavenly. Thus, all the bodies of the Solar System, apart from Venus and Uranus, spin anticlockwise – to the left. Google this business of planetary spin direction and you’ll basically get a nobody quite knows why kind of answer. Maybe Venus and Uranus (which spins almost on its side) were hit by something.

Radiotelescopes and so on can ‘look’ into the depths of Apparent Space and tell us, via the heavily mediated lenses of astronomy, particle physics and so on, that such and such might have or must have happened x million million years ago. We shall see – if not entirely clearly, the mystery is not yet solved! – what the Hotsuma legends have to offer.

So, we have the Upper World Above (as opposed to ordinary, physical above) and the Lower World Below (as opposed to ordinary, physical below). Our world is what is sandwiched in between.

  • Our world, the Middle World, the world of humans (and jaguars) is the meeting of Amoto and Anare deities.
  • Our world is the result of the tying together of Above and Below.
  • What happens in this Middle World is a function of the Knot.
  • What happens in your world, is a function of your particular Knot.
  • Wouldn’t you like to know how it is tied?

One last thing. Look at the peculiar rune reserved for the special sound U, which sits between Heavenly A and Earthly Wa at the centre of the Futomani/Cosmos. Officially, as a Futomani Priest, I must tell you that this special rune represents Amemiwoya, the Creator, He of that cataclysmic First Breath, First Sound. But does the hourglass shape not suggest a woman? And the round device inside it an unborn baby? And did we not already agree that the Creator was born?

  • Chaos is the Mother of Order
  • Void is the Mother of Form
  • The Mother is the Mother of The Father.

Think about that last one. Something of The Great Irony in there…

Next: initiatix_06: The King’s Speech


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