Amazon leak plugged

Just yesterday I would have been the first person to tell you how much I love Amazon. The river, the shamanic culture, fierce athletic women or online bookseller? All of the above.

But this morning I am tempted – bear in mind the pathetic state of London in the snow – to strike the bookseller from my fave list at the news that it has struck Wikileaks from its servers. Of course, the bestselling document broker has moved on – in Millennium style to a Swedish ISP in Uppsala – but the clash is an interesting one.

Enlisting the dark powers of such luminaries as Sarah ‘North-South’ Palin and Joe ‘Asshole’ Lieberman, both of whom have called for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s execution, media if not physical, The Right has bunged up this ‘life-endangering’ crack in its hull.

Senator Joe Liebermann at work

Senator Joe Lieberman at work

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin









Empty vessels make the most noise?

Even rudimentary journalistic investigation (which we shan’t trouble ourselves with here) will reveal the obvious. Lieberman is an ‘Independent’ senator – ‘independent’ presumably that his links with the US military-industrial complex be entirely unfettered – whose main concerns, as listed on his website, include military contracts for Pratt and Whitney and Iranian dirty bomb factories outside of Qom. He chairs the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, and as such is a – if not the – gatekeeper to all kinds of military and paramilitary sales – national, federal, state, private.

At another level entirely, gun-toting, anti-queer, anti-abortion, big boobed, Photoshop porn mashup star Palin is (surely all the cracks about beyond the pale etc have been cracked)…well actually rather darkly fascinating. In fact, we will have to examine the Last First Lady in a forthcoming article.

Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, started out as a computer hacker – not unlike Scots Asperger’s sufferer Gary Mackinnon, himself the subject of a Wikileaked comment from canny PM David Cameron. “Most of the British public think he’s guilty,” Cameron is on record as saying to Barack Obama, shortly before coming to power.

Rather wonderfully ironically, Lizard Mouths Palin and Lieberman have damned Assange for ‘endangering lives’ in Afghanistan. Perhaps we should respond in ironic kind. The Lizards – or the Mouths at least –  are to be congratulated on their own unconsciousness.


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