The War on Terra: Deadly Unions

It was with great sadness that I watched the news reports of a second, and presumed fatal, explosion in the Pike River mine in new Zealand on Wednesday. A sadness that was amplified by the power of the Full Moon in Taurus, the fixed sign of the Earth element, waning, though still palpable after its zenith on Sunday 21 November.

You see, we are of the Earth. Our sadness is Her Sadness is Our Sadness.

And it is only mediatised cleverness that drives me to note the format in which the photos of the unfortunate miners is displayed.

The late New Zealand miners

The late New Zealand miners

…so soon after that of the 7/7 victims of that other war were re-displayed.

Some of the 7/7 victioms

Some of the 7/7 victioms

Blessings to their souls and to their families.

It is my guess that we will see many more of these montages of faces. It is as if we only come together through such crises. The 7/7 victims were only united in death. Perhaps this unison continues – on the other side – to some purpose. The miners were united in their choice of job, in their work in the dark under the ground. But again, perhaps only truly united in death.

Perhaps the message of all this is that simple. That if we cannot come together in life…


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